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Cosmetic Dentistry That is Popular Among People These Days

Cosmetic dentistry in simple words can be described as a dental treatment that is used to enhance the appearance of your face and your teeth. Dentists use cosmetic dentistry in NYC to aid their patients to restore their damaged teeth and to keep their smile look great.

Here are few kinds of cosmetic dentistry popularly in practice:

  • Dental implants – A customized metal tooth root is implanted in the jaw line to fix artificial tooth like dentures, bridge or crown. It acts as an anchor to fit the false teeth rightly and provide the required support while the teeth are used to chew food.
  • To place dental crown or cap – A customized crown is made using acrylic, ceramic or porcelain material to be filled in a metal cap. There are temporary crown placed before implanting false teeth or permanent crown that lasts longer. It is fixed over the broken or crooked teeth to help in chewing food without any problem. The metal can bear the biting pressure while you chew the food.

  • For reshaping teeth – This is the most preferred kind of cosmetic dentistry as it is used to make the shape of teeth look perfect while you smile or speak. The enamel part is filled in such a way that its shape is right making you look more beautiful while laughing.
  • Teeth bonding – If by chance a part of your tooth gets broken, but you aren’t ready to replace it wholly. Using some durable stuff the broken teeth is shaped looking exactly like it has been before. Even small teeth cavities are filled up to hide unshaped teeth. Thus, you won’t feel embarrassed to laugh as people can’t recognize that the tooth was broken.
  • Placing dental veneers – A customized porcelain shell form is fixed or pasted on the teeth that don’t look nice as it is stained or unshaped. This kind of dental veneers are used even to hide the gap between teeth. Veneers last longer and look better compared to bonding.

  • Fixing braces – A great help to improve the jaw position and place the teeth rightly to enhance the facial appearance and smile to be picture perfect.
  • Cosmetic teeth whitening or teeth bleaching – It is usually done by people who love to show their teeth looking bright and shiny. It is useful to remove stains on teeth and make your smile look really pleasing.

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