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6 Healthy Tips to Increase Libido in Men

A tabooed topic that men fear mentioning, low sex drive or libido is more common than we actually think. Even though women fall more into the category of people with low sex drive statistically, men tend to be more unhappy about the same than the former, as they attach their masculinity predominantly with their sexuality. Low sex drive is regarded as a major threat to relationships as it leads to unhappiness, dissatisfaction and even the separation of partners. But why should low libido be the end of the world when there are several healthy tips to counter it.

 Let us see how to increase male libido with some effective tips.

Causes of Low Libido in Men

The causes of low libido in men are twofold: physical and psychological. Low production of testosterone in the body, too little or no exercise, alcohol/ drugs, medicines, age are some of the physical reasons that lead to low libido. Psychological reasons include anxiety, depression, stress and relationship issues.

It is very natural for men to experience a decrease in sex drive as they age due to low levels of testosterone. It also manifests when there is an endocrine disorder that results in decreased production of testosterone. Though there are supplements in the market that guarantee excellent sex life, they inevitably come with a lot of side effects.  At any point in time, a man’s libido can be enhanced by switching to a healthy lifestyle and following a wholesome diet.

Healthy Tips to Increase Men’s Libido

Natural Aphrodisiacs

Incorporating some of the natural aphrodisiacs into your lifestyle could bring back your sex drive and restore happiness in your relationship. Herbs like ginseng, maca, tribulus, gingko, etc., are some of the natural herbs to increase men’s libido. Since some of these when introduced into our system can interact with other medications if you are under any, get your doctor’s approval before use. Other edibles like oysters, pistachio nuts, watermelon, asparagus, can also act as libido boosters for men.

Sex therapy

Men are usually reluctant to speak about the setbacks in their sex life. But why miss out on all the benefits you can get from a one-on-one conversation with an expert who can help you with your barriers. It will help you address the secondary causes of low sex drive such as depression and anxiety and restore your libido.

Healthy weight

Risks of heart diseases are not the only implications of obesity. It is also associated with low libido and poor sexual function. People who are overweight can also experience body image concerns which, in turn, leads to low sex drive. By eating a healthy diet and maintaining your weight, you can feel better about yourself and gain back your sex drive.


The effect of exercises on men’s libido is several. Getting regular workouts to increase the production of testosterone, help them deal with issues of body image. Circulation and blood flow are two major factors that affect sexual response on which aerobic exercises like running, cardio dance, biking, and walking, have a positive effect. Exercises result in higher sex drive and a better sexual function.

Reduce stress in life

Between your work life, personal errands, and stress in life, every day could be stressful. But stress has a holistic effect on your life to an extent that it affects your desire for sex. By increasing heart rate and blood pressure, it weakens your sexual performance and your ability to have erections and orgasms.

Quit smoking and drinking

Since smoking affects the cardiovascular system, it is advised to refrain from smoking if a man experiences low libido. Only a man in good health can function well sexually. Alcohol also has suppressive effects on your sexual life. When consumed in large quantities, it acts as a depressant that can affect your mood and can sometimes leave you with no desire for sex. Too much alcohol can even lead to both temporary and long-term erectile dysfunction.

Since low libido is not an overnight phenomenon, a sudden change in libido can indicate a health condition. In such cases, it is recommended to consult a doctor and diagnose your problem immediately. Otherwise, low libido in men is something that can be dealt with meticulously if they are wise enough to speak up about it. Follow these healthy tips, boost your self-esteem, and get back all those joys that you have always desired for in life.

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Ronald Lee writes about everything you might want to know about a man’s libido on He helps men understand that conditions like erectile dysfunction should never stop them from leading a happy sex life, simultaneously encouraging them to speak up about the same. Visit to learn to tackle the barriers in your sex life with lifestyle alterations and a healthy diet.

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