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There are many physical causes of erectile dysfunction. For example, physical causes such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol can lead to ED. Other physical causes include smoking, obesity, overuse of alcohol and diabetes. In addition, some prescription medications such as nitrate preparations can lead to reduced sex drive. With any of the physical causes of ED, there are also psychological causes.

Stress and anxiety are common causes of erectile dysfunction. In fact, over half of men experiencing erectile dysfunction have some sort of stress-related problem. Stress and anxiety cause your body to produce more adrenaline, which when combined with alcohol use can lead to even lower inhibitions and greater sex drive. Both high anxiety and stress can contribute to heart disease. If your body is consistently stressed and you don’t have a way to lower your stress levels, seek help.

Any underlying condition that you might have, be it high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease, should be addressed. While some of these conditions are easy to treat, others are not. Before starting treatment, make an appointment with your physician to find out what your underlying condition is. Your doctor will be able to test you for appropriate treatments.

Each patient at Preferred Men’s Medical Center receives the attention and time they deserve because all patients require the care and respect that is expected from health professionals. The offices have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools on-site and a dedicated team with a high degree of specialization.

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