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Elevate Your Orthodontic Experience: The Advantages of an Invisalign Dentist

A beautiful smile can boost someone’s self-esteem and might even make them more attractive. Sadly, not everyone is lucky enough to have perfect teeth. Many people have a lackluster smile because their teeth are crooked or misaligned. And for many, that lackluster smile is a source of insecurity. To put into context just how many people are negatively affected by the appearance of their teeth, we need only look at a study published in the New York Post. It revealed roughly 7 in 10 Americans feel self-conscious about their teeth, to such an extent that it negatively impacts their personal and professional life.

How Invisalign Aligners Can Transform Your Smile and Boost Your Self-Esteem

Just because someone is not fortunate enough to have straight, healthy teeth today does not mean all hope is lost. Relatively new orthodontic treatments, such as Invisalign aligners, for example, have helped countless people achieve the smile of their dreams. For those who are unfamiliar with these clear aligners, they are similar to traditional metal braces in that they are dental appliances that gently and gradually move teeth into an ideal position as prescribed by a dentist. But that’s where the similarities end. Individuals can remove their Invisalign aligners when they want to eat, which means, unlike with traditional braces, food is not as likely to get stuck between teeth. In addition to being more cost-effective and contributing to better oral hygiene, these aligners can straighten teeth faster than their traditional counterparts. That’s according to most Invisalign dentists.

Additional Reasons To Choose Invisalign Clear Aligners Over Traditional Braces

Along with not needing to worry about food getting stuck between teeth, better oral hygiene, and faster teeth straightening, there are other reasons to choose Invisalign over braces.  Some of the more notable ones include

Easier To Keep Clean

Invisalign aligners are clear, removable plastic aligner trays.  Because they are removable, they are much easier to keep clean than traditional braces.  Also, because they are removable, it is easier to keep up with regular brushing and flossing, which is critical to maintaining good oral health.

No Food Restrictions

Unlike traditional braces, you don’t have to stop eating foods you love with Invisalign aligners since there are no wires, brackets, or pesky rubber bands to contend with. Long story short, you can continue feasting on delicious corn on the cob, crisp Gala apples, and similar foods while your teeth gradually get straighter with your Invisalign aligners.

Comfortable and Virtually Invisible

Another benefit of choosing Invisalign aligners over traditional braces to achieve straighter, healthier teeth is they are more comfortable. Since they’re plastic, these clear aligner trays that gradually straighten your teeth don’t cut the inside of your mouth like braces, which consist of sharp wires and brackets. And for those who might be self-conscious about wearing them, the clear aligner trays are virtually invisible when on your teeth. That means most people won’t even know you’re wearing them.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

It is important to stress that Invisalign can’t fix all dental problems. Some problems, such as improperly shaped or severely rotated teeth, require traditional wire braces to ameliorate. Most orthodontists in orthodontic dentistry clinics in Nevada and elsewhere in the U.S. typically only prescribe Invisalign aligners to correct the following issues:

  • Crossbite
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gap teeth
  • Open bite
  • Overbite
  • Underbite

In summary, Invisalign aligners are great for those with mildly crooked or misaligned teeth and who want an alternative to more costly braces that are not nearly as comfortable. For more information about these orthodontic appliances or to find out if they’re right for you, consider contacting Nevada Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry today.

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