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4 Myths about Ultherapy Debunked by Experts

None of the skin treatment methods can avoid or are immune to the rumors and myths. As a matter of fact, every time a new treatment is available, the naysayers come up with a lot of myths about it to confuse other people about the treatment. And ultherapy is no exception to it. If you are considering this procedure, then you need to learn what is true and what is false. Here are some of the ultherapy myths debunked below.

  1. You may not need surgery after ultherapy

The procedure helps in tightening the sagging skin around the eyebrows, neck and chin with no surgery. The treatment doesn’t itself replace the surgery for the eligible patient. If you can see some signs of sagging of your skin in the upper or lower portion of your face, then ulthera is right for you. But if the sagging of skin is significant, then you may not be able to get the results you have been hoping for from Ultherapy. In such a case, your surgeon may suggest you to go for a facelift or browlift to gain more dramatic results.

  1. You need several treatments

Although, a series of treatment sessions may be needed, but this is not applicable on ultherapy. Many people can see the effects with a single session only. Hence, you must always have realistic expectations when it comes to getting type of results you want from ultherapy. You may also be able to notice the enhancement in the laxity of the skin just after the treatment. But it may take a few months before the final results to be visible.

  1. It is painful

Ultherapy makes the use of ultrasound energy for stimulating the collagen production for tightening the skin. The first forms of this procedures were painful, but as the technology evolved, it made the process more painless and comfortable. But today, it feels more like tingling or mild burning feels during the treatment. The doctor will offer you many options to have comfortable session. You can go for anesthesia to numb the area before getting it treated. You can also go for pain reliever to not experience discomfort.

  1. Results only last for a few months

While the results from other non surgical cosmetic treatments may last for a months, but results from Ultherapy lasts permanently. Your skin may age, but you will always look more youthful.

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