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Revive Dental Winnipeg: Features and Functioning

Revive Dental Winnipeg has a prestigious work experience of over 25 years. Over the decades, the Revive Dental team has evolved into a group of experts with solutions for every dental problem.

Revive Dental features certain unique features and technology that are exclusive to them. These exclusive features are highly beneficial to the patients receiving optimal dental care and desired dental health.

Revive Dental Winnipeg: Comprehensive Dental Care

The primary approach of Revive Dental towards the patients is comprehensive dental care. They use interdisciplinary diagnosing methods to identify the root cause of each patient’s dental issues.

During every first consultation and oral examination at Revive Dental, the dentists’ team focuses on four aspects of the patient’s teeth. They are as follows.

  1. Periodontal: Health of the patient’s teeth foundation.
  2. Biomechanics: The restorable possibilities of the patient’s teeth.
  3. Aesthetics: The appearance and smile of the patient.
  4. Function: The functioning of the patient’s TMJ and muscles

The focus on the above aspects of a patient’s health enables dentists to get a comprehensive picture of the condition of the teeth. This helps them with devising the proper dental care for the patient.

Revive Dental Winnipeg: The Complete Dentistry Approach

Revive Dental Winnipeg attempts to provide a complete dentistry approach to the patients. That is, the patients who approach them have to be able to get their entire dental issues identified and sorted.

The primary goals that Revive Dental maintains as part of its complete dentistry goal are as follows.

  • Disease-free teeth
  • Healthy jaw joints
  • Healthy gums
  • Stable bite
  • Optimum appearance
  • Comfortable speaking and swallowing
  • Overall healthy teeth

Revive Dental Winnipeg: Exclusive Features

The most exclusive feature available at Revive Dental is the use of advanced Digital Smile Design technology. This technology is the key to providing effective and efficient dental care at Revive Dental.

Digital Smile Design Technology

DSD, or Digital Smile Design technology, is a relatively new innovation in dentistry. It is considered one of the ground-breaking innovations in dentistry. It helps with the prior planning of a patient’s dental treatment.

DSD helps the dentist and the patient predict how the teeth will look after a procedure. The patients and dentists get to see the post-procedure teeth even without starting the procedure.

DSD uses various sources, like photographs, videos, 3D scans, etc., to create a model of how a procedure could work on a patient. This helps the dentists make the necessary changes in the treatment plan to get the optimum results.

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