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How Much Does Invisalign Cost At Certified Orthodontists In North Vancouver – Smiles Orthodontics

Invisalign is a virtually invisible orthodontic technique that allows effective correction of teeth, resulting in improved smiles. Special trays are tailored and made for each patient and these aligners do not use metal wires as braces do. These trays need to be changed every few weeks, which eventually straightens your teeth.

Invisalign is a magical product that offers several benefits, but all these benefits come with a price tag. And that price tag can get heavy on the pocket. This cost of treatment is a major concern for many people.

Before even thinking of going ahead with the treatment, it is crucial to understand how much does Invisalign cost.

Invisalign Cost at a Certified Orthodontist

Invisalign treatment costs at any Certified Orthodontics may be higher than those of a general dentist. However, that higher cost is completely justified because you will get the highest quality of care from an orthodontic specialist who has gone through additional training in orthodontics.

The average Invisalign cost at a Certified Orthodontist may range between $6,000 to $10,000.

Invisalign Cost at a General Dentist

Some general dentists offer Invisalign treatment, but they do not carry the same level of expertise as a certified orthodontist. However, they may offer cost-effective Invisalign treatment that may come at the expense of quality of treatment.

The average Invisalign treatment cost at a General Dentist may range between $4,000 to $6,000.

Invisalign Cost At The Best Certified Orthodontists In North Vancouver – Smiles Orthodontics

Though the Invisalign treatment cost depends on various factors like length of the treatment and complexity of the case, Smiles Orthodontics is well renowned for providing the best Invisalign treatment at an affordable price.

The professional team of experts at Smiles Orthodontics is always happy to help patients understand all the financial considerations of Invisalign. Smiles Orthodontics also offers various financing options like easy monthly payment plans, 0% instant financing, and more.

As a top 1% Diamond Plus Invisalign provider in Canada, Dr. Mackenzie, a Certified Orthodontist at Smiles Orthodontics, has successfully handled thousands of Invisalign cases. Dr. Mackenzie has helped patients in both mild and severe cases to achieve better dental hygiene, straighter teeth, and, ultimately, a straighter smile.

Smiles Orthodontics offers various packages, including:

Smile Refresh – Minor realignment of front teeth with 3-6 months of expected treatment length @$4,400.

Smile Enhancement – Moderate realignment and small bite changes with 6-10 months of expected treatment length @$5,900.

Smile Makeover – Complete orthodontic treatment with 10-18 months of expected treatment length @$6,900.

Complex Makeover – Major multidisciplinary treatment with 18-24 months of expected treatment length @$7,900.

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