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Using Nicotine Replacement Therapy To Make Quitting Smoking Easier

When you want to give up smoking, you may wish to seek assistance to make it a more manageable task. Nicotine replacement therapy is an excellent way to increase the chances of your success as nicotine is highly addictive. There are various types of nicotine replacement therapies you can consider using, and they will give you a much better chance of quitting successfully than if you were to try going cold turkey. Below is some advice to use NRT to help you quit smoking so you can go back to living a smoke-free life.

Choose Your NRT

You will need to decide what type of NRT you will use, and various ones may suit you. You can use a suitable vaping device with salt nic e-liquid, nicotine patches, nicotine gum, dissolvable nicotine strips, or a nicotine spray. Each has pros and cons, and it is worth speaking to your doctor to discuss which is best for you. They can also put you in contact with support services in your local area that can also help you when you want to quit smoking. Once you have decided which NRT you will use, you will need to stock up on supplies to ensure you do not run out and are tempted to have a cigarette.

Smoking Your Last Cigarette

You will want to ensure that you have smoked all the cigarettes in your home or thrown them out, so you can remove temptation before you start using your NRT. Whichever NRT you decide to use, transitioning from smoking to using it can take some time to get used to it. Once you start using your chosen NRT, you will want to take it easy and do your best to avoid smokers for a while to remove temptation. Within a couple of days, you should get used to your chosen NRT, and you will find it much easier to deal with not smoking cigarettes.

Reducing Your Nicotine Consumption

You will need to slowly reduce the nicotine strength of the NRT you have decided to use to wean yourself off your reliance on nicotine gradually. Once you have gotten used to your NRT and can happily satisfy your cravings to smoke, you will want to reduce the dose you take. It will take some time to get used to the new dose levels, and over time you will slowly get used to it and can get ready to reduce the dose again. There is no ideal timeline for this as everyone is different, and you will not want to put yourself under too much pressure.

Do not reduce your nicotine levels until you are ready, and try to stay active and exercise regularly, which will also help you control your cravings for a cigarette. Avoid putting yourself in situations where you are tempted to smoke, such as going to the pub with friends or having a barbecue. With time and patience, you can slowly reduce your reliance on nicotine until you are ready to stop using your chosen NRT and start living your life smoke-free.

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