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How to prevent and relieve body aches

Body aches can appear when least expected. They are very uncomfortable, especially when they prevent you from training or running. Most of the time, the cause of these pains is given by the rhythm of life that one leads, many of the bodily pains that can be felt are tiredness, too strong exercise, accumulated tension caused by stress or bad position.

These pains can develop anywhere. It can start as back pain, which then moves to the neck, goes through the arm and can even lead to the legs. This can be uncomfortable, it is not something that can be ignored and in the worst case, if left unattended, it can have much worse repercussions. Body pain can occur in different areas and its origin can be varied, such may lie in the muscles, this is the most common, since the muscles are the most affected during physical exercise.

However, it can also originate in the joints, if these are not attacked in time they can lead to much worse and long-term injuries. The pain can be bone or there can even be a mixture of all. It is important to take certain aspects into consideration, the exercises must be carried out correctly, prewarming, it is also important to maintain a good diet and take food supplements to complete the diet, this helps the tissues to stay healthy.

Another important aspect is the way in which the movements are carried out, those that are repetitive can be very harmful to the muscles and joints. It is not necessary to spend a large amount of time doing special exercises, much less, it is a matter of performing the necessary exercises to maintain optimal health.

Effective methods to avoid body aches

Now, if even doing all the above you feel bodily pain, it is time to use natural remedies that provide prolonged relief to the ailments. While you can find additional pain cream products online at, here is a non-comprehensive list of considerations for the best remedies to alleviate or avoid bodily pain:


This is a recommended food for people who do a lot of physical activity. Many of the trainers that work in sports teams or gyms recommend that the consumption of this before starting to do any type of exercise can improve performance and prevent any type of injury related to muscles and the joints.

However, consumption of this substance must be controlled, if taken in excess it can end up being counterproductive. Caffeine is an excellent muscle relaxant, this is because it stimulates the nervous system and generates other reactions in the body, such as mitigating muscle pain.

Coconut oil

The properties of this oil are excellent for a wide variety of diseases and pathologies of the body, in this case, it is excellent for relieving muscle and joint pain. This causes many people to add coconut oil to their diets. They tend to use it as butter for bread or to cook any preparation.

Another option may be the consumption of coconut candy to relieve the slightest pain that may arise in the body. Coconut oil should be consumed in a moderate way, it should not be forgotten that, although it is good for health, it is still a fat and if taken excessively, it can cause more serious problems related to cholesterol. Everything must be consumed in its proper measure.


This is a natural species that contains an element called curcumin, it works excellently as an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. This is why it has a very positive effect on the development of muscle, joint and bone health.

It is recommended to consume this after a good exercise routine, that will reduce the risk of feeling some type of pain caused by physical effort. It must be consumed in a controlled way. If desired, it can be added to meals, but not daily, this can increase certain levels in the body.

Vitamin B and C

People who train heavily in the gym or adhere to some sports discipline regularly should have a very complete diet that provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Conversely, they can have major health problems, including multiple muscle aches and other conditions.

Vitamins B and C are important since they help muscle recovery to be much faster, that is why these vitamins cannot be missing from athletes’ diets.

Both vitamins are soluble and reduce myalgia. Vitamin C is responsible for recovering muscle after being exposed to really hard work, it also reduces oxidative stress on the body. Vitamin B fulfills various functions. For example. Vitamin B6 is responsible for improving the human body’s ability to synthesize different nutrients and amino acids.

All these are necessary so that the body can break down each and every one of the compounds and food that is consumed, these become a kind of vital fuel. Athlete or not, we need these compounds. In addition to this, it is important to add protein consumption in order to have an optimal balance of the necessary nutrients.

It cannot be forgotten that all this should be consumed on a regular basis. Water consumption is really important in all this. You can not stop consuming water at any time of the day, if physical exercises are carried out it is even more important the constant intake of water, in this way hydration is maintained and the mineral salts are restored.

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