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How To Prepare The Stump For Prosthesis: What Materials And Exercises To Do For Desensitization?

According to some specialists on for example, the suggested materials and exercises to desensitize the stump:

  • Towel
  • Ice Cube
  • Toothbrush
  • Cotton
  • Thin or thick face sponge
  • Exercises
  • Small touches with the towel

Take a towel and moisten it with warm water; lightly touch the ends of the stump, and it will gradually get used to touches and temperatures; for approximately three minutes, pass the towel on the top, bottom, and extremities and finish the massage.


For 5 minutes, perform circular movements from top to bottom in the stump region.

This will increase the residual limb’s blood circulation, strength, and sensitivity.

Proprioceptive Massage

It is a significant external stimulus made with the help of materials with a rough, thin surface and different temperatures that will help return the sensitivity of the amputated region. The purpose of this massage is to make the stump feel different sensations. For 3 minutes, using an ice cube, make circular movements around the wound to feel cold and smooth sensations.

Soon after, take a sponge and wet it with warm water, and for 5 minutes, make circular movements transmitting heat and roughness.

Then dry the area with a fluffy towel, do not put too much pressure on the area. Then finish off with a massage using a toothbrush.

The stump may still be swollen even after the surgical wound has healed. A reduction in swelling should be sought so that the stump fits into the socket of a prosthesis. This process is known as “shaping” the residual limb. Your doctor will likely prescribe an elastic bandage or compression stocking.

Some recommendations when using a compression stocking:

Try to use a compression sock (retractable sock). It is a tapered sock that applies even pressure to the bottom of the residual limb. The pressure will help bring down the swelling.

See the prosthetic technician like Pediatric Orthotics regularly. It will monitor your member’s size change throughout the fitting process. This will ensure that the prosthesis fits correctly.

Daily Hygiene Care

Keeping the stump clean is vital to preventing various skin problems and infections. Below are some daily precautions:

  • Wash the stump at least once a day. Use clean running water and a neutral soap
  • Using a towel, gently rub over all stump surfaces. Pay attention to the skin behind the knee and on the lower part of the limb
  • Dry the stump completely. This will prevent moisture from getting trapped between the skin and the sock

Use a clean sock every day. Wash each sock with mild soap and water. Rinse well and air dry. This helps remove salts and acids left behind by your sweat.

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