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A bright smile can change anyone’s day. Our teeth do more than just smile. Well, functioning teeth are also key to our well-being. To ensure that our teeth are healthy we need to take care of them and maintain oral health. Apart from that, you must visit a dentist regularly. As a family having different dentists for different members can be a task. It can be quite a task to keep track of appointments. If looking for a family dentist, reach out to Smiles on Queen Dentistry. They have been the number one choice of those in and around Queen. Here are a few things that make them stand apart.

Wide Range of Treatment Options

Smiles provides almost all teeth treatment options under one roof. Whether you have to get implants or orthodontic work done, the dentists will carry it out for you. Even if looking to have a smile-makeover or very basic dentist work done, you can get it all done from here. The dentists here have a wide range of expertise. Before undergoing any treatment, the dentists will explain the procedure in detail along with the benefits and risks associated with it. This will enable the patients to make an informed decision.

Kid-Friendly Dentist

New experiences often make children anxious. Sometimes children are often scared of going to the dentist. Finding the ideal one can be a task. Smile Dentistry understands how scary it can be for children. They ensure that the child is comfortable when at the dentist. The dentists make use of various techniques like behavioural methods and show and tell to make the children more comfortable. If nothing works, the dentists will use laughing gas. Laughing gas usually wears off within minutes.

Following All safety and health protocols

The clinic must follow all safety and health protocols in place. This helps to ensure that is hygienic. When the place isn’t clean there are high chances of contracting infections. Smile Dentistry has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that the place is safe. They make use of the highest and best quality material for all their dentist work. Apart from that, they make use of low-exposure digital radiographs, amalgam-free fillings and biocompatible material. All materials that are used during the procedures are safe for the body. The staff at the clinic has all the necessary training and certifications required to practice. They also have stringent sterilization practice in place, you can always ask them about it.

Senior-friendly clinic

No clinic can be a family clinic if they don’t provide dental services to the senior. The dental requirements of seniors are very different. With age, the teeth and gums start to deteriorate. They need to be dealt with uniquely. The dentist will work with you to formulate a plan that will help to save your healthy teeth for a longer time. If there is a need to remove teeth and put in implants, the dentist will discuss with you the same.

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