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How Safe Is Tattoo Removal During Pregnancy or Breastfeeding?

In pregnancy, you can’t take anything lightly. It is obvious to be anxious regarding tattoo removal while pregnant. However, in most cases, tattoo removal is viewed to be safe and harmless in pregnancy. Though there is no research done so far about the risks related to Laser Tattoo Removal on pregnancy, it is impossible to be hundred percent sure that there is not a single risk associated with it.

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Let us look more about the impact of the removal of the tattoo during your pregnancy.

Possible Risks Involved

Can cause you infection

With the Laser Tattoo Removal procedure, the chances of getting an infection are quite low. However, as everyone’s skin is different, you may come across some signs of infection. This will increase the risk of your infection.


Another important thing that you need to consider is photosensitivity. Your skin starts to become more sensitive during pregnancy. It implies that you are likely to get reacted to the laser. So, if you happen to be pregnant, then you may find your skin oversensitive to laser light, and that can result in complications.

What is the impact of laser tattoo removal on the immunity system of pregnant women?

The ink used in the laser tattoo removal treatment in pregnancy can seem to be unsafe in pregnancy but you need not worry. As the ink pigment that gets fractured into your skin by the laser treatment is just on the superficial layer of your skin. It gets broken down on a natural basis by your body’s immune system. It will not cause any risk to your baby.

Impact of laser tattoo removal while Breastfeeding

To date, no research has been conducted regarding the impact of laser tattoo removal on breastfeeding. However, you need to be cautious when getting any such cosmetic treatment done during your breastfeeding. As the ink doesn’t penetrate deeper layers of your skin, there are no possibilities to cause harm to your baby.


Though the risk of getting affected by the laser tattoo removal procedure is less, but it is always better to get the assistance of your doctor before you undergo tattoo removal process on your body. Learn about the safe laser tattoo removal measures available that can ensure you of a safe, and healthy pregnancy.

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