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Get to Know the Do’s and Don’ts of Laser Removal Procedure

Laser skin treatment along with hair removal procedure is perhaps the best gift of technology. For all those people who wants to escape the painful waxing sessions and shaving, laser treatment is the best option. Going through all those pain and red bumps twice a month is an absolute no no for any girl. Moreover, when you get laser done, you can experience a hair free life and also save a lot of recurring cost.

As beautiful as it sounds, there are certain dos and don’ts for laser treatment. Since it is raging in Canada you should at least visit for more information on the update services. Laser Plus clinic is one of the most reputed clinics in Canada and they have branches all over the country. So, we have laid down few points, which will help you to have a smooth and problem free laser experience. The following rules are easy and can be followed by anyone, whether you are a house maker or a working professional.

Avoiding excessive sun exposure

Laser treatment is usually effective if you limit and avoid unnecessary sun exposure. You should always use SPF while stepping outside and reuse after every two hours. When you are wearing hot pants and short dresses you could use spray in the public. This is because any type of laser treatment makes the skin vulnerable to sunlight as the UV rays reacts with the subcutaneous layers of the skin.

This means, if carelessness can make your skin darker than usual, it will not be a tanned look. It becomes more of ash burned look. Hence, always and even on cloudy days’ use SPF. You can start with SPF 30 if you are going nearby or to office. However, on scorching days you should use SPF 50 for extra protection.

Avoid hot baths and shower

Laser treatment do not have any downtime and you can get to work the very next day. However, hot water interferes with the efficacy of the treatment. Hence, for at least 48 hours, you must avoid hot showers and steam baths

Applying anti-inflammatory cream

You must understand that laser in a non-surgical process to fix various skin problems and also minimize the growth of hair follicle over a period of time. When you go through this process, the skin and its underlying layers goes through certain number of changes. Underneath your skin is soft and vulnerable. Therefore, you must use anti-inflammatory skin cream like vitamin E and aloe vera gel to hasten the healing process.

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