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Five Common Foot and Ankle Conditions

The first to step down when one wakes up or wants to move are the feet. Can an ordinary person stay without moving for a whole day? It is close to impossible, and that is why the foot is useful. Apart from aiding in movement, the feet also offer assistance in balancing the upper body weight. Often people take it for granted when they can walk or run without any difficulty and fail to maintain and treat their feet. Not until a problem occurs many will ignore checking up the feet.

Conditions relating to the foot and the parts around it, like the ankles, mostly emerge from stumbling and other accidents. However, other problems occur as a result of medical issues. In research conducted by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, over 70% of Americans suffer from health-related foot problems. Some of the most common conditions treated at Gaston foot and ankle include:

Ankle Sprains

This problem arises when one walks on rough surfaces. Additionally, a person could pick up ankle sprains while sporting. The problem is categorized into three where the mild form is considered grade one, the moderate grade two, and the acute sprain is termed grade three. Often, a person who develops ankle sprains never needs to go through an emergency room for treatment as putting ice is enough.

Dermatological Conditions

Issues such as warts and athletes’ feet fall under this category and are mostly caused by viral and fungal infections. For warts, the causative virus is referred to as a Human Papilloma Virus. To spot the presence of the athlete’s foot, check for a scaly-like red rash between the toes or the sole. These rashes could be itchy. In case one suspects to have such problems, visiting a dermatologist or other qualified physician would be essential.

Hammertoes and Bunions

This problem is mostly hereditary and occurs in the skeletal area of the toes. The condition causes malformations in the toes, especially the second and the smallest toe, where the toe moves downwards instead of up as it should. When left unattended, the condition will turn out painful when the patient tries to put on shoes.

Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is commonly known as the pain on the heel. Like sprains, this condition occurs when one engages in running or walking on rough surfaces for long. The pain comes from the inflammation of the fibrous tissue linking the heel to the foot’s toes. On the other hand, Achilles tendonitis is a condition resulting from the swelling of the tendons and is common among athletes.

Predislocation Syndrome

This is a structural condition that causes the swelling of the toe joints, especially the second toe, causing pain.

When it comes to treating the above issues, one has to engage a reputable physician to deal with the problem entirely. While others could get solved using home remedies, a serious ankle and foot problem requires a qualified doctor’s urgent care. Gaston foot and ankle specialists offer the best services in North Carolina. One could pay a visit to them.

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