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Dental Care – A Must, Consider the Hygiene Tips

With progressing age, many seniors are at risk for several oral health problems and this indicates a lot of soins dentaires is must so that you avoid:

Darkened teeth: This may be caused due to dentin changes, the bone like tissue underlying the tooth enamel and also by consuming for most of your life some stain-causing beverages and foods. It is caused by the outer enamel layer thinning such that it allows dark yellow dentin to settle.

Dry mouth: This is caused due to reduced saliva flow and it may be owing to cancer treatments using radiation to the neck area and head. Dry mouth may be caused due to medication side effects as well such that medicines may result in dry mouth.

Diminished taste sense: The advancing age weakens the taste sense, and there is inclusion of medications and diseases, causing to dentures and this also contributes to sensory loss.

Root decay:  It is caused by tooth root exposure to decay-causing acids. The tissue of the tooth roots may get exposed owing to receding gum tissue. The roots do not have enough enamel to protect the teeth and so they become prone to decay than the tooth crown part.

Gum disease: The gum disease is caused due to plaque and is worse as the food is left in teeth, poor-fitting dentures and bridges, use of tobacco, poor diets, and some diseases also cause gum disease such as cancer, anemia, and diabetes. It is mostly older adult’s problem that leads to tooth loss.

Uneven jawbone: This happens actually by the tooth and also when the missing teeth are not replaced. As the place remains empty the rest of the teeth drifts and shifts into open spaces.

Denture-induced stomatitis: Poor dental hygiene, ill-fitting dentures or fungus buildup causes this stomatitis and this is a tissue inflammation underlying a denture.

Eventually, it may be medical conditions making flossing or brushing teeth difficult or some drugs may affect oral health to make a change if necessary in your dental treatment.

Hygiene Tips for seniors

Daily flossing and brushing of natural teeth is essential to keep good oral health. Quickly plaque can build up on the senior’s teeth, especially if one neglects oral hygiene. This leads to gum disease and tooth decay. Maintaining good oral health is important, regardless of your age such as:

  • Brush twice a day at least using toothpaste containing fluoride.
  • Floss once a day at least
  • Visit a dentist on a regular schedule for an oral exam and cleaning
  • Rinse a day once or twice with antiseptic mouthwash.

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