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Dengue: A Disease That Weakens The Body

Few people do not experience any signs and symptoms of this infection. Although mostly this infection is usually mistaken by other illnesses, for example, flu, viral fever, etc. In a few cases, symptoms are worsening, and it can be life-threatening. This case is known as severe dengue or dengue shock condition or even dengue hemorrhagic. Most children and people experiencing dengue for the first time usually have mild symptoms. It can happen for more than one time in life.

Symptoms of dengue

The disease caused by mosquitoes has many symptoms to indicate that a person might be suffering from dengue virus. Along with high fever, which is up to 104 F or 40 C, other symptoms are:

  • Nose bleeding or bleeding from gums is one of the symptoms.
  • At Least three times vomiting in 24 hrs. Few also experience vomiting of blood or even blood during defecation
  • Feeling restless, weak, tired, and irritable is one of the common symptoms. Along with this body pain, mostly belly pain, muscle, and joint pain is also experienced.
  • Some people also suffer from eye pain and severe stomach pain.
  • Breathing issue has also been seen in dengue patients. They usually find it difficult to breathe.

The best possible thing a person can do is take immunity-building tablets and food in advance so that the body has enough energy to battle out the germs.

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