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Bharat Bhise Shares How to Find an Acupressure Therapist with the Proper Training


According to Bharat Bhise, acupressure has a rich heritage and has been developed in Asia for thousands of years. However, it’s hard to come by a genuine acupressure therapist. Anyone with a few needles and scented candles can pretend to be an acupressure therapist. Let’s figure out how you can find an acupressure therapist with the proper training.

The Details

  1. Certification – The first thing you should ask an acupressure therapist is their certification. As mentioned above, pushing a few needles and creating a fragrant ambiance with scented candles doesn’t make someone an acupressure therapist. Real acupressure therapists go through rigorous training in institutes that specialize in oriental medicine. There are different acupressure schools with different curriculums that train a professional to provide proper care.

You can ask the acupressure therapist to show their diploma in the field. However, it’s more important to ask for certifications from reputed certifying organizations. There are two organizations on the national level that certify acupressure therapists, the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA). Both of them certify students of acupressure as Asian Bodywork Therapists(ABT). Someone who has not received proper acupressure training wouldn’t even know about such certification.

  1. Insurance – Insurance is also very important in this field. Acupressure aims to treat the energy fields in your body and also improves the overall wellness of the mind and the body. Therapists do this by targeting acupuncture points to stimulate endorphin production, reduce muscle tension and improve blood circulation. However, rare unfortunate accidents happen in every field of medicine.

That’s why certified and reputed acupressure therapists have insurance to protect themselves and cover your losses. Those certifications aren’t just handed out randomly. ABTs get their certifications after putting in several hundreds of hours of sessions. Education is not cheap either. That’s why they are very careful while treating patients and have insurance in case something goes wrong. A properly trained acupressure therapist won’t have any problem sharing insurance information with you.

  1. Reviews and referrals – Properly trained acupressure therapists have a generous salary. Even the bottom dwellers earn a lot more than minimum wage and those with a good reputation and years of experience earn six figures. Moreover, since the practice of Eastern medicine is less underwood and has less regulation, imposters with little to no knowledge always try to get their money.

The best way to weed them out is by checking out their reviews and referrals. A reputed acupressure therapist will have a long list of satisfied clients and their online profile would have a lot of positive reviews. They wouldn’t shy away from providing you with referrals either.


Bharat Bhise suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips to find an acupressure therapist with proper training. Check out reviews, certifications, licenses, and their experience to figure out if the acupressure therapist would be able to give you proper care.

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