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Best Exercises To Reduce Stammering In Children

Stammering is a condition that affects children caused by physiological factors. These factors include neuromuscular complications, not being in control of the speech organ muscles, finding it difficult to move the lips and tongue, and lastly, obstruction of the speech organs. Exercises are the most equitable way to reduce or do away with stammering. Working out helps to strengthen the speech organs such as, lungs, trachea, tongue, lips, and jaw. There are several ways parents can help with various exercises to help children overcome stammering. Below are such exercises that help those parents wondering how to stop stuttering forever.

Pronouncing the Vowels Loudly

Ask the child to pronounce the vowels loudly, starting with A up to U. They should be loud, clear, and articulate when pronouncing these vowels. Let them also distort the face while they are uttering the sounds of the vowel. Make them move their jaw on both sides. This should be left, right, upwards, and downwards while they are speaking.

Teach Pausing Technique

It is good to teach a stammering child when and how to pause when they are speaking. Simply teach them to pause after every word they utter within a sentence then let them proceed pausing in the next words from two to the rest. Teach the child this pausing technique every day in each word they utter. They will eventually learn how they can reduce stammering as they relax and feel much more comfortable.

Employ Jaw and Tongue Exercise

Let the child open the jaw very wide and try touching the roof of the mouth with their tongue. They should hold the tongue in that position, then move it back along the roof as they hold it for a few seconds. After taking the tongue out as if they’re trying to touch their chin, even though it’s impossible to touch, let them hold the tongue for almost ten seconds. They should do this exercise 5 times a day, and they will definitely get positive results.

Breathing Tactically

Teach the child to breathe deeply to stop or reduce anxiety. Anxiety sometimes causes stammering in children and getting rid of it is one way of figuring out how to stop stuttering forever. They need to know how to breathe well and effectively. As they do deep breathing, their mind and lungs feel relaxed. And their respiratory system is also strengthened due to a decrease in anxiety. Encourage them to breathe from their belly instead of their chest. Breathing through their belly helps their muscle and calms the nervous tensions making their entire body relax.

The Technique of Drinking Using a Straw

It is one of the oral exercises to help with stammering children. Drinking through a straw ensures the tongue remains in a strategic position, which is vital for speech. The use of pacifiers if a child has stammering or speech problems is not acceptable. You can snip off your straw’s end to decrease its size slowly as days pass by. Stammering should decrease as the child continues using the straw for drinking.

Consult a Speech Therapist

If the stammering is not stopping any soon, it is better to seek a therapist’s help. No need to struggle with something which is beyond your reach. Seeing an expert is especially recommended for young children of 5 years and below. A professional will understand the psychology of a child better and know how to diagnose such problems. They can also suggest some exercises to try out and guide you on the way forward.

It’s devastating for a child to suddenly start stammering. The good news is that the above exercises have worked for many parents and they will do for you as well.

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