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Are You Suffering From Veins Damage In Your Leg? Know The Cause Before Its Too Late

Veins play a vital role in the circulation of blood flow in the entire body back to the heart. You might have come across varied veins disease due to its improper functioning. Few of the diseases are externally identified whereas some cannot be seen with the naked eyes unless you consult medical practitioners.

The spider veins are often referred to as thread veins in common parlance. This disease mostly occurs on the legs, though it might appear on hands or face. In order to get an early diagnosis, you will have to consult the veins specialist. Gilvydis Vein Clinic located at Geneva and Sycamore helps you to get a free screening of the veins disease. They will help you in educating such types of disease – the causes, symptoms and relevant treatment.


The main cause of this type of disease is the pressurization of the veins. The pressure gets built-up when a one-way valve inside the veins stops working proficiently. This disturbs the normal flow of the blood back-forth to the heart and thereby creating bulging in the veins.

Risk factors

This type of disease commonly occurs in the below categories.

Individual related:

You will see this type of disease due to the style and habits of the individual and vary from person to person. They can occur if you are:

  • Above 50 years.
  • Obese or overweight.
  • Habits of prolonged standing or sitting without any physical activity.
  • Prone to excessive coughing, sneezing problem creating excessive pressure on the face.
  • Having the habit of wearing tight fit-outs daily, constipation.

Women related:

  • Pregnant women put on extra weight that creates pressure on leg veins.
  • Hormonal influences such as puberty, menopause.
  • Birth control can damage vein valves due to increased estrogen content.

Nature related:

  • The sunburn causes broken skin resulting in skin and blood vessel damage.
  • The hereditary disease and genetics disorder history.
  • Blood clots.

In order to reduce the red and blue veins, you need to take necessary precautions to reverse the conditions. This can be achieved by.

  • Reducing your weight.
  • Relieving pressure on your legs by walking for a while to avoid prolonged sitting and standing posture.
  • Keeping your leg muscle’s blood circulation in proper position by doing basic exercises such as cycling, running, fast walking.
  • Lightweight compression stocking helps to solve the swelling problem.
  • Avoid sunburn by using sunscreen or preventing direct exposure of ultraviolet rays of the sun.


If you don’t get relief from thread veins by following the recommended remedies you can opt for .

  • Sclerotherapy: The success rate of this therapy is 50% – 90%. In this therapy, the blood flow is stopped by injecting a solution directly into the veins resulting in the scar. The scar created fades away within weeks.
  • Laser Treatment: The laser treatment becomes necessary when the disease is spread out in very minimal size.

Thus. it is better to take necessary precautions before its spreads out in larger parts of the body. Though this type of vein problem is a mere cosmetic and does not have any serious health problems, it is better never to be late.

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