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A Cannabis Enthusiast’s Guide To Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC)

If you are fond of recreational marijuana and can buy it legally in your state, you probably know that there is more to cannabis than just Indica and Sativa. Popular cannabis strains are in great demand, and one of the best-known ones is Miracle Alien Cookies, simply called MAC. Some of the best dispensaries have MAC on sale, and it remains a popular strain, although many believe that the original strain is hard to find, unless you are looking at the right store. In this post, we are sharing all you need to know miracle alien cookies strain.

The history of MAC

With history out of Los Angeles, MAC has found takers all over in states where buying marijuana is legal. In fact, the strain was an instant hit and almost went out of market in a few months. In fact, only selected strains were preserved, and what you will find in the market are clones of original The MAC cannabis strain. The story of MAC is even more amusing. Apparently, a breeder bred Starfighter with Columbian Gold landrace strain. The seeds were left in his pocket and eventually the pants were washed. His wife put the seeds on paper towels to soak, and all the seeds germinated. Unfortunately, all the seedlings died barring one, which was then called Miracle 15. It was a male, so couldn’t be flowered. When Miracle 15 and Alien Cookies made love, we got what’s called the Miracle Alien Cookies

Knowing the strain

The buds of Miracle Alien Cookies are shared irregularly and are dense, compared to standard classic flower. The bud color may vary largely, including shades like orange, yellow, red, green and even blue, and many buds often have a mix of all shades. The extensive concentration of trichromes is something to consider, because that gives Miracle Alien Cookies the ultimate taste. As for the taste, expect nothin but a smooth taste, with a citrus flavor to it with floral notes. This is a more balanced hybrid, so you get the ultimate high that people want from cannabis, but there is that mellowed effect. Miracle Alien Cookies offers a more grounded experience, and you will love the effect, no matter what you are feeling today!

Check online dispensaries or find a store near you where you can buy Miracle Alien Cookies legally. Don’t compromise on what you buy for that ultimate MAC experience. We promise you won’t regret this one.

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