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5 Fruits That Have a Negative Impact on Your Pregnancy

Once you conceive, deciding on even the most routine things may seem a confusing affair. And quite rightly so. Right from the time pregnancy sets in, a certain set of rules and norms are to be followed for ensuring a smooth flow of events, through the first trimester to the third.

Right from basic knowledge of body postures to avoid, medicines to steer clear from and making healthy changes in your lifestyle, there are nutritional guidelines to be adhered to as well. Alongside foods that are needed to provide you with the required nutrition, you should also have a knowledge of the ones to avoid. Take a look at 5 fruits to avoid during pregnancy diet and why.


Although craving tangy food is common when you are pregnant, tamarind should not be your preferred solution. And if you must savour it, moderation is essential. The fruit contains loads of Vitamin C which when consumed in large quantities, can hinder the production of progesterone. Low levels of progesterone could in turn lead to premature birth, miscarriages or even cellular damage in the foetus.


Avoiding pineapple, especially during early pregnancy is wise. The fruit can trigger sharp contractions in the uterus, resulting in expulsion of the foetus. Pineapple contains a protein synthesising enzyme called bromelain which can soften the muscles around the cervix and induce early labour.


Watermelon is considered an excellent fruit, especially for toxin clearance and hydration regulation. However, it is one of the fruits to be avoided during pregnancy diet because it ends up exposing your little one to these very toxins it flushes out. The diuretic properties of the fruit can also cause nutrients to flush out alongside harmful toxins. To add to this, when consumed in excess, the mother may develop gestational diabetes owing to high sugar content in the fruit.


Dates are superfoods when it comes to packing in essential nutrients. However, the intake of this fruit should be limited to one or two a day, during the course of pregnancy. Dates may stir up loads of heat into the system, resulting in uterine contractions and should therefore be consumed in very little quantities by pregnant women.


Papayas are loaded with vitamins and micronutrients that are very important for our health and well-being. However, they are best avoided when you are a to-be mother because they spike body temperature. Generating too much heat within your system is not advisable during the pregnancy term. Also, papaya is rich in latex. Latex can cause uterine contractions, untimely bleeding and even a miscarriage. It can also lead to impaired foetal development. Both, ripe and unripe papayas are therefore to be given a miss during the entire pregnancy period.

There are plenty of contradicting facts surrounding subjects like infertility, disorders causing fertility problems like PCOD vs PCOS, ways to enhance chances of conception, what to do once you conceive and so on. Always ask your doctor or seek guidance from your healthcare facility for personalized advice and guidance.

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